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About the company

Our present values flow organically from the mission, vision, and the goals of the company. These are efficiency, development, enthusiasm, friendliness, comfort, and technology. Each of these values is a wide notion that covers a large number of related concepts.


We strive to achieve the maximum results with the lowest costs (financial, human, time, etc.). It is important to note that it is only possible to achieve a serious level of effectiveness when the employees are highly professional and take fulfilling their duties responsibly.


It is extremely important for Azbuka Vkusa to support the active development of the company thanks to the employees’ initiatives. We take our achievements as a reason to set new goals that are even more ambitious. The strategy of our development is to be one step ahead of everyone else on the quality level and to expand our presence by actively opening new stores in the current regions of presence.


We are sure that only real enthusiasm for work makes a person happy and allows him to reveal his creative potential. We believe that a person who is passionate about what he does is able to live in harmony and develop outside of work.


By friendliness, we mean the desire and the ability to show respect, sympathy, interest in communication with clients, colleagues, partners, and to demonstrate a positive attitude and willingness to help in a difficult situation.


We pay great attention to the creation of optimal working conditions and a favorable psychological climate, which helps all the employees to be effective and to enjoy working. This includes the right organization of the employee's workplace, keeping the balance between working time and leisure, maintaining the optimal work intensity, creating an environment where each employee, regardless of his position, feels socially protected and respected by the company.


Many of our developments in the trade technologies have already become the de facto standard of the Russian retail. We are sure that the technology is the most effective way to increase the effectiveness of the company's performance. That is the kind of experience that can be quickly and easily replicated in the new supermarkets of the network.