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About the company

The key factors of the long-term growth strategy:

Superior Customer Value

  • A strong brand with a high identity: 90% brand awareness in Moscow and working towards achieving a similar level in St. Petersburg.
  • Maintaining a high level of customer service unachievable for other retailers.
  • Interaction with the customers through all types of sales channels.
  • Focusing on the key competitive advantages:
    • Increasing the share of ready-to-eat/ready-to-cook assortment produced at our own facilities.
    • Increasing the share of our own labels.
    • Increasing the share of the unique product offer.

Dynamic Growth of the Store Network

  • Focusing on the accelerated roll-out of the AV Daily format in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
  • Re-launching AV supermarket expansion in the most lucrative locations of Moscow, Moscow region, and St. Petersburg.
  • Longer-term potential for the roll-out in smaller cities via AV Market format with a concept of “the best supermarket in a small city”.
  • The expansion through a healthy combination of organic growth and bolt-on acquisitions while avoiding the cannibalization effect.

Innovative Technology

  • The desire to become the largest omni-channel Russian food retailer.
  • Tracking and following the most popular and innovative food consumption trends.
  • Fully mobile interactive loyalty program that helps us to understand the customer’s preferences and to drive purchase frequency.
  • Our own advanced delivery services with the highest quality of the service.
  • On-demand subscription based food programs (for babies, vegans, halal etc.) in order to retain customers.
  • Using SAP Hybris as a core infrastructure of our omni-channel ecosystem.

People Excellence

  • Maintaining the status of the best employer in the Russian food retail industry.
  • Industry’s best employee training programs: continuous learning.
  • “Bringing up” a reliable next generation of managers to work alongside with the current management that has led the company for more than 10 years.
  • Applying grow-from-within principles followed by the leading global corporates.
  • Maintaining the lowest store personnel turnover among the Russian retailers.