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      "Azbuka Vkusa"
      Сity supermarkets with a wide assortment designed for regular shopping.
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      Azbuka Vkusa supermarkets are city supermarkets with a wide assortment designed for regular shopping. These stores are the leaders in assortment, service and quality among other grocery retailers.

      The assortment of the stores includes unique product offers: ready meals, products produced by private labels, high-quality wines, fresh fruits and vegetables, and confectionery products of Azbuka Vkusa’s own production.

      Azbuka Vkusa supermarkets have the most convenient locations in the center of Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as on the major highways, where the maximum client traffic is concentrated. The average area of an Azbuka Vkusa supermarket is 700-900 m2. The assortment includes 15-18 thousand units.

      "AV Daily"
      Conveniently located minimarkets with fast service and wide choice of ready-to-eat food.
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      Since 2014, Azbuka Vkusa has been developing the AV Daily format, a network of minimarkets the key advantages of which are the location, fast service and a wide choice of ready-made dishes and fresh products.

      AV Daily minimarkets are located within walking distance from the underground stations, offices and residential areas. AV Daily clients are city inhabitants with a fast-paced dynamic lifestyle.

      The area of an AV Daily minimarket ranges from 150 to 300 m2. The assortment of AV Daily includes up to 6 thousand units and consists of the most popular products for everyday consumption and a wide choice of pre-packed ready meals. Inside of each AV Daily minimarket, there is a small café offering beverages and signature pastry and desserts to the customers.

      The mission of AV Daily is to improve the quality of life of its customers giving them the opportunity to have time to do everything they want, to acquire high-quality food, and to enjoy every purchase.

      "AV Market"
      Market place style family-oriented suburban supermarket.
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      AV Market is a new unique market place style family-oriented suburban supermarket format offering high-quality products at a reasonable price with a wide active service. This is a store that combines the festive atmosphere of a farmers’ market and the convenience of a modern supermarket.

      The assortment of AV Market includes up to 28 thousand units. It offers a lot of items of AV Market’s own production, as well as the products provided by the local suppliers. In the shopping area of AV Market, there is a cafeteria where you can order dishes prepared in the store.

      The stores are located in the satellite cities of the Moscow region and on the exit highways of the capital. Due to the large area, AV Market stores are more autonomous and less dependent on the centralized infrastructure. This allows us to develop the format in more remote locations.

      The selling space of AV Market stores varies from 1,500 to 4,000 m2.