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Corporate governance

About the company

Denis Sologub
Denis Sologub, President

Institute of Cryptography, Telecommunications and Computer Science

Denis has been working at Azbuka Vkusa since 2001, when he was invited as an expert in the ERP system implementation. In 2002, he became the head of IT, and in 2012 — the Director of Innovation.
Since 2016, Denis has been working as Azbuka Vkusa executive director overseeing a wide range of issues related to the company's operations. Since 1st of April was appointed president of Azbuka Vkusa.
Georgy Mikhailov
Georgy Mikhailov, Deputy President

Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory
Before joining the Azbuka Vkusa, he worked in the field of information technology in Cisco Systems and Sandvine. In Azbuka Vkusa he has gone the way from an information technology management specialist to the director for innovations. In 2018, he was appointed Vice President of Information Technologies and Innovations, and in 2019 he moved to the position of Deputy President of the company.
Victoria Lubnina
Victoria Lubnina, Senior Vice President of Finance, member of the board

Saint Petersburg University of Economics and Finance

Prior to joining Azbuka Vkusa, Victoria has been a CFO in such companies as Foodline and Uniland (Dixy Group).
In 2002, she became the CFO of Azbuka Vkusa.
Sergey Pashentsev
Sergey Pashentsev, Vice President of Commerce

MATI - Russian State Technological University named after K.E.Tsiolkovsky

Sergey has been working at Azbuka Vkusa since the day of its foundation, in 1997, raising from a shop assistant to the Director of Trade.
Olga Zalunina
Olga Zalunina, Vice President of Deli Development

Moscow State University

In 1997, Olga began working in the Azbuka Vkusa commercial department. In 2004, she became the commercial director of the company. In 2013, Olga took the position of the director of the AV Daily format.
Elena Tsukanova
Elena Tsukanova, Vice President of Human Resources

Leningrad Institute of Transport Engineers

Elena has been working as Azbuka Vkusa HR Director since 2002.
Yury Losev
Yury Losev, Vice President of Development

Tula Polytechnic University

Yury joined Azbuka Vkusa in 2014 as a development director.
Prior to joining Azbuka Vkusa, Yury held executive positions in various retail chains. Since 1998 till 2003 he was a development director in Eldorado home appliance retail chain and since 2003 till 2014 — a development director in Perekrestok.
Ekaterina Lomakova
Ekaterina Lomakova, Vice President for Commercial Activities

Tver State Technical University
Has more than 13 years of experience in Azbuka Vkusa. Starting from the position of purchasing manager, she consistently held the positions of category manager of the «Dairy gastronomy» category, head of the fresh products department, head of the semi-finished products department, and head of the Ultra Fresh department. In 2019, she was appointed Vice President for Commercial Activities in Azbuka Vkusa.
Dmitry Lebedev
Dmitry Lebedev, Vice President of E-commerce

Cherepovets State University
Received an MBA education at the University of Northumbria (UK).
He started his professional career at Severgroup, where he went from a business process specialist to a deputy head of business control. He worked as director of development and first deputy general director of the online retailer Utkonos, from where he joined TC Megapolis (Mercury group of companies) as a project management manager, and then as director of the traditional trade development department. Prior to joining Azbuka Vkusa, he worked as a deputy general director for business process development in the digital division of Transmashholding.
Renat Abdalov
Renat Abdalov, Vice President for Supply Chain

A.F. Mozhaisky Military Engineering and Space Academy
He began his professional career in the Svyaznoy retail chain, where he went from a category manager to a deputy director for procurement. He worked on the positions of the director of the logistics department of the MTS retail chain and the director of product distribution and operational efficiency of ENTER. Prior to joining Azbuka Vkusa, he headed the logistics, product distribution and service department, and then the commercial department of the online retailer Wikimart. In 2017, he headed the product distribution department of Azbuka Vkusa. In 2018, he was appointed junior vice president for product distribution, in 2019 he moved to the position of Vice President for Supply Chain. Has a total experience in retail of over 17 years.